Desolation Sound

Desolation Sound Expedition 5 day tour

Sea kayak Desolation Sound

Warm waters flow through Desolation Sound, a maze of islands and fiords on Vancouver Island’s East Coast. Maybe Capt. Vancouver was having a bad day back in 1792 when he named the region.

Everyone who visits Desolation Sound these days can’t get over the lush forests, abundant wildlife, and Mediterranean climate. Carved into the inaccessible wilderness of the Canadian mainland over the ages, the soaring peaks of the coastal mountains tumble to the water’s edge in a jumble of river mouths and small islands. The rugged terrain has stopped any road access into Desolation; kayaks are the perfect way to visit this majestic and unspoiled area.

Our campsites In Desolation Sound are situated to take advantage of the great views of the mountainous scenery.  With some of the warmest waters in North America, you will be ably to swim from your Island home.

Other activities include shellfish harvesting, hiking, kayaking skills development, and lots of opportunity to just kick back and enjoy mother nature’s handiwork in this remote area.

On this trip we will visit protected marine parks which will allow us to view both aquatic and land based wildlife in their natural environment.