Johnstone Strait Expedition

Johnstone Strait Expedition – 5 day tour

Broughton Archipelago to Johnstone Strait”

This is your opportunity to combine sea kayaking in the realm of the Killer Whale, with kayaking amongst the beautiful islands of the Broughton Archipelago, home to some of the richest cultural history on the coast.

This is a point to point tour, which means no back tracking. This 5 day tour takes us through one of the most incredible sea kayaking environments in the world.

Getting started

Our journey by water begins from the small sea side community of Telegraph Cover,where we will travel by water taxi out to the historical native village of Mamililaculla on Village Island.

“Keep an eye out for whales en-route”

At the end of the tour we will be picked up at the “Spirit of the West Base camp” in Johnstone Strait.

Village Island

Before setting off on the kayak tour we will learn about the Kwakwaka’wakw nation from Tom Sewid. Tom has away of bringing this area to life through sharing his stories and legends of the Kwakuitl people.

Planning the route

Once on Village Island we will plan our expedition, which will take us through the Broughton Archipelago and into the wildlife rich waters of Johnstone Strait.

There are no two tours alike. We will plan our day based on the weather, current and tides, and the groups desires.

Paddle through the Broughton Archipelago…..

“What makes the perfect kayaking destination?”

we say…….

“Lots of small islands, passageways, protected water, wildlife, and a sense of remoteness”

The Broughtons’ have all this
and more. There is no question that this is one of the worlds top kayaking destinations.

…….into Johnstone Strait and the “Realm of the Killer Whale”

Johnstone Strait is quite simply the best place on earth to see the Killer Whales, also known as Orca, in the wild. Most of B.C.’s 300 Orca whales return to these waters to feed, sleep, play, and rub their bodies on the pebble beaches of world famous Robson Bight.

The star attraction on this expedition is the Killer Whale.

Getting a chance to paddle in their habitat is a thrill of a life time.

Our hike up to visit the whale researchers at “eagle eye” will give us a birds eye view over the Strait, and further our knowledge of the whales.