Johnstone Strait Ultimate

Johnstone Strait Ultimate4 day tour

“Realm of the Orca”

There are few experiences in life that rival the excitement and thrill of
paddling with the Orca Whales.

Johnstone Strait is quite simply the best place on earth to see the Orcas in the wild. Most of B.C.’s 300 Orca whales return to these waters to feed, sleep, play, and rub their bodies on the pebble beaches of world famous Robson Bight. 

There’s no better way to encounter pods of these friendly (and inappropriately named) killer whales than up close and personal, while paddling your own sea kayak. Also sharing this diverse habitat are playful dolphins, sea lions, harbour seals, minke whales, eagles and black bears.

“What a thrill to be surrounded by the Orca pods!! 
Total thrill of a life time.”  The Gerkings.

The tour

This is our most popular tour and your best chance to view the orcas. We begin this tour from Campbell River where we board our catamaran power boat the Orca express. Enjoy spectacular scenery as we travel up the inside passage and through the world famous Seymour Narrows. We are then delivered comfortably to our base camp regardless of wind or waves. From here we will paddle in the realm of the Orca.

Listen to the whales

Our base camp is the only sea kayaking camp in Johnstone Strait equipped with an under water hydrophone. We are able to listen to the beautiful sounds of the orcas as they pass by our camp.

The camp

“The Johnstone Straight tour could easily be describe as luxury camping, with fine dining”. Stacy Wallace, Sales Representative, Travel Wise

Our guests call it five star camping.

  • Gourmet menu including wild salmon barbeque on day one. 
  • Submerged hydrophone set off shore so we can listen to the Orcas as they pass by our camp. 
  • A sit down toilet that gets rave reviews for it’s ocean views. 
  • A hot shower, that gets rave reviews for it’s ocean views. (yes we love our views)
  • Guides are trained in first aid, nature interpretation, advanced kayaking and most importantly they are fun to be with!

This is your home
One of the most outstanding features on this tour is our base camp. All our tents are situated on red cedar platforms offering you a comfortable and dry home. We use high quality 4 person North Face tents per couple. For guests traveling on their own we have smaller tents for your use


This is your view
Each tent location was chosen for it’s spectacular views. It is not uncommon for the whales to pass within 50 feet of your door step.