Mothership Orca tour4 and 7 days

“Ancient Villages and Orca Whales”

The tour

Set a course for a one of a kind wilderness adventure in the heart of Killer Whale country on board the Songhee, a specially built WWII coastal supply vessel that has been extensively refitted for it’s new mission as our kayak mothership. 

Ten guests and an expert crew complete with a gourmet cook explore the Broughton Archipelago, View aerial photo visiting abandoned First Nations settlements that watch over the waters containing the largest concentration of Orcas on the planet.

On board the 95 foot ship, you’ll stay in bright cheery cabins, have full use of the spacious cedar paneled lounge, enjoy West Coast Cuisine, and find plenty of deck space to spread out and relax on. 

Using the flotilla of kayaks or the motorized launch, each day will bring new discoveries as we venture into remote and inaccessible regions. 

On each voyage, guests set the pace, we provide all the amenities. The crew is there to help you make this your best vacation ever.

We’ll go on guided excursions to explore ancient native villages, with totems half hidden by the silent forest. You’ll learn about the history, myths and legends surrounding the people and the majestic creatures who travel these same waters, and get the chance to see killer whales and other marine mammals in their natural environments. 

The kayaking

Although kayaking is not a prerequisite to join our tour, we feel that it is the best way to get close to nature. Never tried kayaking before? No worries – we’ll show you how. A thorough orientation of kayaks and safety procedures are covered to prepare you for your time on the water. The sea kayak is extremely stable and easy to manoeuvre, both in single and double configuration, allowing a unique and silent floating view of both marine and land-based wildlife. The combination of mothership and kayak gives you incredible wilderness access with the comforts of a 4 star hotel. The daily itinerary will be catered to each individual group where kayaking time will vary depending on groups desires.

Our meals

Nourishing our guests and crew with quality healthy meals is a very important part of all our adventures. At Spirit of the West Adventures we put a great amount of time and effort into preparing gourmet savory meals. In our full service kitchen our Chef will have the freedom to present us with a variety of creative cuisine using fresh quality produce, preparing home baked goods, and providing us with local seafood when possible. A delightful meal and decadent dessert served in our open dining lounge is a fine way to finish off a day of adventure!