The Nuchatlitz

Nuchatlitz Marine Park 5 day tour

Nuchatlitz Marine Park

“Guides Choice : Vancouver Island Paddling destinations”

It may not be the end of the world, but you just might be able to see it from here…experience a true wilderness sea kayaking expedition on Vancouver Island’s rugged and beautiful Pacific Coast. We access the majestic reaches of the remote Nuchatlitz Marine Park by water-taxi from the old gold mining town of Zeballos.

Once we’ve made it through the open ocean to the confines of the park, we’re ready for a voyage of discovery along remote beaches and coves, beside towering rock formations, and paddling through waters inhabited by a variety of sea creatures, from whales to sea otters, and everything in between.

Black bears, eagles, and the occasional cougar or wolf can be observed on the shores ­ this area is as remote and wild as it gets in Canada. On the expedition we visit ancient First Nation’s villages that are slowly being absorbed by the even older forests that cover the coastline and islands that dot the region.

If you have a craving for adventure, and a desire to paddle and explore an area that few ever get to, then this West Coast Expedition is for you. Our expert guides know the area, the currents, winds, and of course the best camping spots!

Together with your group, you’ll see sites and visit places that are outside the realm of the modern world, and inaccessible to only a select few. After this trip, you will be one of them.